The Intro

IMG_3466.JPGalt. caption: “this ain’t no intro, this the entree” because, you know, chance the rapper. but alas, we can get to that later.

here we are, and here i am(seen above!!!!)

anyways, what brings me here? crazy question right?? well, i’ll try and explain the best i can but it comes down to this: living my life for Jesus requires obedience and sometimes(i mean all the time), following His plan for my life!!  so here i am, following Him on this journey & God willingly reflecting His beauty through my crazy life!


i will be the first to say that I am one to live life in my own comfort zone. for the past five years, my comfort zone has looked a lot like plaid skirts, private school leadership roles, the same 90 people, and lots of good and not so good memories(but for the most part amazing!!! thanks Jesus!!!). anyways, after i recently said farewell to that chapter of my life, i was left to feel unstable and without what i considered my purpose. my purpose for the longest time had been to be a leader in my school and reflect Christ on that platform. so once that platform quickly swept under my feet,i was lost in my purpose and finding my freedom and joy in Christ was a lost cause.

as i felt myself falling deeper into a pit of unknown anxiety, i found the people around me suddenly take notice and help me find my way back to running on holy ground. through encouragement and people to walk through life with me, my heart with my Lord was renewed and i was given the chance to communicate with Him about what i was to do next and how He wanted to use me. (also!!!! psa!!! isn’t it so wild that we have the ability to be in constant communication with our Creator because he is constantly after our hearts!! YOU&I have the greatest blessing in the world, to be vessels for the one who shaped us!)

…. and well, that lead me here. not directly here, but He lead me to scripture and He lead my vulnerable heart to beautiful places. the beauty of the fearlessness of my heart lead me to re-learn the Gospel in a wild way. no matter how many times we’ve heard it, the Gospel will never escape the preciousness that it holds. this time, God greatly reminded me that “It is Finished”(John 19:30). say it again if you need to, IT IS FINISHED!!! scream it if you desire!! preach it to your heart until your heart is content!! my heart grew an understanding that it is finished and it ALWAYS will be, forever; therefore, I am here to choose joy. all of my pain and suffering that I may even be feeling at this current moment IS FINISHED, allowing me to wake up every day, living every moment, and choosing daily to live with joy as I run my race for Jesus. it is that simple: my “lost purpose” was right in front of me, i just had to be obedient. my purpose & YOURS,  is to choose joy. whatever that joy may look like for you and i, choose it! right now, mine looks a lot like preparing for the next adventure in my life(college, eeks!!), and finding how i can magnify the Kingdom best with what i have to give. we all have different gifts, and that is what makes the Kingdom so beautiful! the uniqueness of God’s people is incredible, but no matter what race your’e running, i think that we are all made for one unchanging race, and that is to choose joy.

John 10:10 // “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

so there’s my heart ya’ll! I cannot wait to live with joy and live it to the full– WITH YA’LL!! right now, i feel God leading me to this crazy platform via the internet!!!(how wild!!!) and i am fervently praying that crazy good things can happen through this and we can run our race together, basking in the sweet freedom Jesus has given us!!


keep on choosing joy, ya’ll!!



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