there is beauty in waiting

the waiting game. no one likes it; whether you’re waiting for your coffee in the long Starbucks line, waiting for your final grade to be posted, waiting for that ooneeee guy to text you back, or waiting for God to tell you your next move, waiting is a game that no one really likes to play. i think of waiting as a season of stillness, with a mix of anticipation that leaves us on our feet. but just like all seasons of life, there is beauty in the one where you wait. now hillary duff might have once said—

“Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing.”

&&& my 13 year old heart might have believed that was beautiful wisdom, but my much more ~sophisticated~ 18 year old self seems to disagree.

recently, among many valuable conversations with friends and mentors, the idea of waiting has been very present. which i believe is very fitting for our season of life; the season where we  are in a new area with new people and new responsibilities and no real comfort that we once used to rely on. along with this uncertainty among the environment that we are now in, many of us are battling with this game. the wait for love. the wait for our call in life. the wait for our next step. well, i’m here to claim a new idea on waiting. the idea that waiting is beautiful and it creates something in us that God needs us to have before we are allowed to have that one thing we so fervently desire.

Lamentations 3:25

 “The Lord is good to those who wait for him,
    to the soul who seeks him.”

SOOO, without further or do—

here’s to the girl that is waiting for that special guy;))) (you know, like how hillary duff got chad Michael murray in the end. yeah, we all can dream.)

well,  here’s to YOU, my sweet friend. YOU are worth the wait, so why not find beauty in it?! take advantage of this wait!! i believe that the Kingdom still has work to be done, and YOU can help magnify it. and there simply isn’t more beauty than the beauty of expanding the Kingdom. YOU ALL have gifts, and it is okay if you use them as a party of one during this season. now, the realm of social media has created this idea of “relationship goals” and everyone now follows the duo youtube sensation because they had a cute wedding video and love the Lord. but, do NOT let that realm of social media steal your joy of this season God has you on. i have learned that comparison is certainly the thief of joy; so girls, please DO NOT let your heart wonder to comparison as you surround your minds with these God fearing relationships you see on the internet!!!! yes, they are incredible and God is using these relationships for HIs glory, but He is also using you. because guess what!!!! you are created for the same purpose as they are!!! there are people you can reach in your time of singleness!! there is beauty in your waiting game, and the Lord will honor that beauty once you focus on it. i have learned that when i truly step back from what the world tells me i should be, and rather focus on what God has for me, God has something wildly sweet waiting for me. when i allow myself to let go of the lies that Satan wants me to believe and run as fast as i can towards Jesus, in time, God will allow someone special to run alongside you–because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

heres to the one’s who are waiting on their call. let me tell you this, YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL GOD ORDAINED PLAN FOR YOU LIFE AND IT IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!! I PROMISE!(the caps might’ve been aggressive, but you get the point).

now, there is confusion in this one. you want to do what God has for you but the world has deadlines, right?? the world asks what your five year plan is, along with what you expect your starting salary to be, along with what dog you want to have and its first middle and last name by the time your 18. sound familiar? well, i’m here to encourage you that the waiting you are experiencing and the confusion that may come along with it is completely okay!! and that i believe that God has you waiting for a magnificent reason. some of the greatest blessings come to us when we least expect them. i was the girl who had her five year plan marked out at the end of sophomore year. i was going to go to a certain school, have this certain job, and live a certain place. & then i was the girl who finally went to that certain school and hated it and felt empty. & then i was the girl that had the gruesome 5 months of waiting, until i was halfway across the world and found the exact reason to why i was to wait. because, that wait led me to South Africa where I found my purpose and the TRUTH to the gifts God gave me and how i was supposed magnify Him for not only the next five years, but starting then and FOREVER. so, heres to you! whether you’re in the same place i was a couple of years ago, or your battling between different goals you have, or if you honestly have no idea; God knows your heart, and He will honor it in time. there is beauty in your waiting, because we want to be where God wants us if we are going to go out and advance His kingdom, am i right?!?!

& lastly, heres to all of us!! we are the ones who are waiting to make the next move, the next step towards our goal, whatever it may be!! i think there is something special about waiting because it is a practice of obedience to our God. God honors our ability to come to wait at His feet rather than to run our race with the world’s agenda in mind. the world wants to rush things, step after step, sometimes making them without even blinking. BUT! its okay to be on DIFFERENT time, because we are made to be DIFFERENCE makers. having God’s heart at the venter of our agenda is much more important than running at the speed of light, at anything other than THE LIGHT.

you can keep going. you were made for THIS. THIS could be a season of waiting or doing, but i promise that each of those paradoxical seasons are beautiful and meaningful. you can share the good news in any and every season.



keep on keeping on friends!!

xoxo kirsten

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