are you living your fullest life?

have you ever felt stuck?  like the pair of jeans that are so perfect but you hate the way they fit. those jeans are rigid. those jeans haven’t been broken in yet- they are restricting. as like that special pair of jeans, i have been in places in my life where i feel stuck and when I am in an atmosphere that is rigid. however, it is easy to go throughout this way of living without even noticing. i have found that it is not until i am in a place with the right people and environment that i notice this lack of life. i begin to wonder why all days aren’t like the incredible ones you spend with the people you love the most, doing the things you all love the most.

i believe that there is beauty in vulnerability,  and you will most likely hear me say that over and over. so, here we go. this restricted feeling i described above has become a common feeling of mine. leaving that out in the open probably helped me more than it did you, but i think we can all resinate with that feeling. now that i have come to my senses of the state in which i sometimes live in that lacks life, i have two options. i can either sit and wait it away, or i CAN do something about it– something that will stir my heart to spur my actions into ACTION. and today, i have decided that I do not want to sit in a rigid place anymore. i want to stir my heart with the greatest affections for my Lord and all that He has given to me in order for me to live the greatest of lives.  i decide to wake up and live the fullest life. living this fullest life may mean changes that make me uncomfortable, but being uncomfortable makes for a better you. it means you have to rely on something rather than yourself, which is the most important and humbling experience one can have in their lifetime.

my joy looks a lot like how it is pictures above. loving on kids. frolicking in a field somewhere. in colorado. on an adventure. being extra, you know, the usual.

friends, God did not send Jesus Christ down to die on the cross for us so that we may live a mediocre life. instead, He sent His Son down so that we may live fully in HIM! we are granted this radical freedom in Him that we do not deserve. may I ask what you are doing with that?

joy looks different on everyone. some may find joy  in reading a book alone while listening to a vance joy playlist(i mean, i don’t blame you), some may find joy in being surrounded by many friends and having ongoing conversation(i’m right there with you). however, i think that by living our fullest life we are to FULLY commit to what our life is going to be about, and at the center of our lives we should find Jesus. i think that no matter if you’re reading a book alone or engaging in some sort of extroverted activity, we must fully commit to it in such a way that shows people that we are living our lives in the victory that Christ won for us. once we fully comprehend the fact that Jesus already won life for us, we should live in a way that holds nothing back. become your very own pair of perfect jeans. read that book you once said was a distraction and never came back to. sing your favorite song with your best friends at the top of your lungs. or alone, honestly i have done both. get everything flavored pumpkin, because it’s only out for a season. have those intentional, yet vulnerable conversations. surprise your friends that are miles away. learn a new hobby. make spontaneous decisions that lead you to adventure. all in all, i pray you all can have a zest for life. i believe that one of the most incredible ways in which other people can see Jesus through someone is when that someone is living their life so on fire for the Lord that people wonder what makes them so alive.

Set this world on fire for Jesus. Let us be the lamps that are glowing from the mountaintops that bring light and hope to this dying world.

when I think of Jesus, i never once think that he wasted a moment of His life. He is the friend I would always want to be around. He is the friend that radiates love. although we are fully human and go through grief and sorrow, it does not mean we cannot live our greatest lives. He’s not asking you to never grieve again. He is not asking you to never feel sorrow again; but you can feel sorrow and not feel hopeless and separate from the Father. be the type of friend Jesus would be. the one that someone knows they will not feel hopeless when they are in your presence. show people the excellence of God by the way you live your life.

throw away the rigid jeans, friends and instead pick up the greatest, most colorful, comfortable, and life giving pair of jeans you can find. there is a life out there we are meant to live with Him.

He’s waiting for you. Say yes on the greatest adventure of your life.


with so much love,




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