less limiting, more impacting

hey y’all!!! i decided to dedicate this post to a life update and to share my heart with you all about something God has allowed me to see throughout my first semester of college. first off, ALL the praise hands for the end of one full semester as a freshman in college!! the awkward freshman moments have most definitely happened, and they do not go away once you’re in college. like one time i actually fell over because the wind was so strong while crossing the cross walk. that was nice. oh and one time i walked into a class i wasn’t in.,.. yeah it was a senior Spanish class. definitely not where i was supposed to be. oh and i am now referred to as the “girl who dabs” and everyone usually responds with a sigh and a roll of the eyes saying “oh yeah, kirsten mcfarlan” honestly, that dab is not going anywhere when the new year comes in, so i’m glad we have covered that. anyways, it has been wild, who knew that there was so much possible growth within four short months that felt like four short weeks? well, i sure didn’t, but i look up to Jesus and thank Him for all the growth that has occurred.

a major way i have seen Jesus in this transition to college would be in my relationships. even two nights ago, my girlfriends and i jam-packed six girls in one tiny dorm room filled with blow up mattresses and snuggles in twins size beds. we were physically crowded but emotionally open. we spent hours pouring into one another and walking one another through life the best we could. we talked about things all the way from boys to Spanish finals to our walks with Jesus and to SO much more. i woke up the next morning with so much fullness in my heart and immediately thought to myself how blessed i am by the relationships God has given me.

& of course God provided even more than i deserved because my friends at college aren’t the only relationships where i see Him. i have been able to see Jesus in the friends I have kept in touch with from high school. one of my best friends and I still talk every day and walk through life together as we are four hours apart and it is one of the sweetest things in the world. now, when times are hard and you cannot go hug your best friend, facetime sometimes doesn’t suffice. however, i have seen Jesus’ beauty in the simplicity of the words “i’m paying for you today” from my friends thirty minutes away back home and the ones at other colleges. love has no limits when it is from God, let me tell ya!!!

& all because of the crazy and wild love of Jesus, i have been blessed with the most radical group of friends that live in austin TX!! if i told you the story of how we all met, i honestly don’t think i could type it all because i would get confused somewhere in between. well, anyways, via mutual friends and the crazy wild grace of Jesus, i have this  group of people i get to do life with!!! they are incredible. i see Jesus’ excellence through them and i feel like the most blessed person on this earth to watch them make moves for the Kindgom. they’re the type of people i would drive four hours to see every weekend just because they make you fall more in love with being alive.




life is so FULL with these people because it is always so unpredictable and full of beauty and sweetest surprises. it is almost too much beauty that my heart cannot handle sometimes.  you know that feeling? when something is just too great? when someone says something or writes something that moves you to the point that it maybe even changes you? these are the type of moments i have with these people.  i hope you all get to meet my people one day and i pray you all have people that do the same for you.

so, with all of the humble brags about the sweetest of friends and the greatest of Saviors aside, i wanna tell you all why this is all important. this ability to walk through life with people and see Jesus through them is just what this world needs more of. this world does not need any more critics. this world needs love. this world needs continual commitment. loving people and pursuing relationships is hard, because our sinful nature wants to go against any and every good thing that God has to offer us. however, i have been able to see the importance of living a life with such boldness and love THROUGH my relationships with people who show me just that in return. these people in my life love Jesus so well, causing them to love me well, which in turn causes us ALL to show EVERYONE the Gospel.

i pray you surround yourself with people who make you fall in love with living life to the fullest. i pray you surround yourself with people who build you up instead of tear you down. i pray you learn to create your own boundaries and allow people to come into your life who point you towards Christ. i pray you surround yourselves with the people who will have those hard conversations with you but who also encourage you. i pray you know God loves you enough that He meticulously created other people for you to run your race with. lastly, i pray you find those people and love them well and to never take advantage of them. and if you have found a few of them, as i believe i have, i pray you grow your community. there is SO SO much work to be done for Heaven out there, and I pray you can all find people who strive to make earth as it is in Heaven.

find people that remind you that a person’s relationship with Christ is more important than anything else and that to know Jesus is our ultimate goal in life!!!

find people who do not limit you, but instead impact you. let us be impactful instead of placing limits on others. when we surround ourselves with people who do not limit the power of God, our actions will represent that. allow your actions to impact the world’s eternity, not limit it. and by doing so, find your people who encourage you in that and don’t let go. find your people who are committed to bringing light to the darkness. after that, go and do just that.

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