why “too much” should never be a thing.,. like ever

“too extra” “too try hard” “too jesusy” “too goody too shoos”  “too basic”  “too sarcastic” “too blunt”  “too dry” “too outgoing”  “too loud” “too quiet”

oooohhhh how the list can go on and on and on. this is a list that is compiled of judgements placed on others as people constantly deem them too much or not enough at all. but, news flash: WHEN HAS IT EVER BEEN PROVEN THAT BEING TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING CAN BE A BAD THING???!! i mean, personally, if we were to rate extra-ness on a scale..,.,.  id probably break the scale by exceeding the maximum. & you know what.., i know that and i certainly don’t want to change that. shouldn’t we live our lives to the fullest extent because we were ACTUALLY made to do just that. wouldn’t we be robbing ourselves of our purpose if we limited our quirks and personalities just because others told us to? i believe it would be a dishonor to God if we were to place someone else’s opinion of ourselves above our creators very own purpose for us.

who else is with me?

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^ as seen above, you can see the extra nature in which i am proud of and EMBRACE.

i have not always been the one to embrace my quirky nature and i would commonly shut it out when i would surround myself with people that told me to “chill out”. i have seen friends of mine fight the battle of being labeled as “too jesusy” and having to find a “balance” of being of the world while loving the Lord. BUT FRIENDS!!!! why is that even a thought in our minds??!! why would we waste a single moment  trying to reach the potential that others have set for us? because it is just that: a potential that someone else has set for us. not our very own potential that is comprised of our strengths, weaknesses, quirks and abilities. it is just that: a judgement. however, it is not a judgement that is made by the creator of our being. and THAT judgement is the only judgement we should concern our lives with.

i wanted to write this to encourage the person who has been in that situation, to the person who has been name called. or to the person who has done the name calling. or to the person who is hiding their personality and quirks because they are afraid of what people may think. i want each and every one of you to know how truly uniquely special and wonderfully made you all are. ALL OF YOU!!!! WE ARE ALL CREATED AND MADE TO BE  APART OF A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD!!!! (say it louder if you need to!!! scream it till ya believe it!) we were all made with different abilities; however, we were all made to bring all of those different abilities to work together for the good of the Kingdom. so, let’s not bring others abilities down and limit them and their very own work for the Kingdom. let’s not listen to the judgements of others and be discouraged so much so that it causes us to rethink our beautiful personalities.

embrace yourself. embrace others. love yourself. love others. and all of THAT begins with LOVING GOD. the more we fall in love with the creator of all things, the more we will fall  in love with ourselves and all of His creation. the more we fall in love with Jesus, the more we will naturally walk with the confidence that only comes from Him. so, do you. dab if you want, and if not that’s cool too. be blunt, but always be kind. be sarcastic, but with gentleness. preach the name of Jesus till He comes back if you want. and if you want your relationship with Him to be personal, then let it be!! if you’re an introvert, embrace yourself!!! and if you’re an extrovert, JOIN THE PARTY!!! if you want to make your instagram the best aesthetic you can make it, DO IT. if ya wanna vlog every moment you make, DO IT. if you want to bring back the bang trend, I WILL S U P P O R T you. if you wanna die your hair purple without thinking twice, don’t let anyone stop you! read 15 books and stay in your bed all day. BE that extra couple on instagram– I PROMISE TO COMMENT AT LEAST SEVEN TIMES. whoever you want to be, BE HIM/HER. if you wanna hype your friends up, HYPE THEM UP.

BE YOU. HE CREATED YOU and wants to see nothing more than for you to love the being HE CREATED. wake up every single day and put on your armor of God that gives you the confidence you need to face the judgements of others. know who you are because of WHOS you are. cheer on everyone around you as well. let’s be all in for life TOGETHER. let’s run this crazy hard race called life while lifting each other up. we are all created in the same image, so let’s treat that image with kindness.


1 Peter 2:9  But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light




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