don’t be about lukewarm love

have you ever heard someone say, “yeah, i really thrive off of being just partly loved!!” yeah, me neither. it would be like someone only loving ONE thing about you, when you are made up of SO much more. i like to consider that lukewarm love. AND, nobody, i mean NOBODY is about lukewarm love. so now, imagine how mere human beings can sense the feeling when we are being loved only partly, and all of the pain that comes along with it. the distance you feel that comes along with the pain. so, now consider how God feels when we choose something over Him; when we lukewarm love Him, the creator of our hearts.

that hit ya, didn’t it.

heres a quick story to reach my point: recently i have spent a lot of time in the sweet oakmont Starbucks with my friend skylar. (also, side note. the oakmont Starbucks should sponsor us by now or something. the amount of tears and triumphs shared with that place is unreal. they also know our orders by heart. truly impeccable people. okay that is all.) back to the point. so, with all of our time that is meant to be studying, we have spent it talking about highs, lows, and with words that uplift both of our hearts. we have talked about the hurt that comes along with giving so much of our hearts into relationships and not being given the same in return. however hurtful that may feel, and however easy it may be to turn away from giving ourselves and loving others, there is indeed something even better. we talked about how we want to use our time as young adults to build ourselves up in love and in truth, fervently praying that our relationships will mirror the truth we stand in. those many hours in the cozy corners of starbucks will forever be cherished and i am beyond thankful for friends in my life that point me to Christ. skylar, you’re a gem and i am so thankful for your heart like His! here’s to many more Starbucks hangs, sweet friend.

i love how moments can teach us so much. how a conversation, no matter how long or short can impact our hearts in such wild ways. well, these past few moments have taught me that it isn’t about how hurt our heart is by another heart, but rather, it is about how well we love the creator of our heart with all that we have. it is about falling so in love with Him, our actions mirror that love. the more we focus on our relationship with God, the less we will worry about the acceptance of others. and furthermore, our hearts will become more like His the more we study His heart. a heart like His doesn’t seek approval from many; instead, it loves with all that it has to the people it can. i do not want to be a lukewarm lover who places her focus on spreading the love i have too thin, and then worrying if it will be returned. instead, i want to enthusiastically and wholeheartedly love. in order to do so, i must learn the ins and outs of my fathers heart. in order to do so, i must not confuse God’s heart for me with the love i do not receive from an earthly being. we must strip off our hurts and not allow them to hinder us from the potential we are capable of reaching when we put God first. i have learned that by allowing how others treat me to affect me, i am inevitably putting God’s heart towards me in second. I am not giving him my whole heart. i am being a lukewarm lover.

so, friends. what are we going to do to steer clear from being lukewarm lovers? i think we must first prioritize our relationship with Jesus. we must put our whole entire being into the most important relationship we can have in life, with Him. and second, be mindful of who we let pour into us. we will not become enthusiastic lovers by surrounding ourselves with community that drains us. when you build your heart up in God’s love, while protecting it with a community that does the same, IMAGINE HOW MUCH MORE YOU CAN LOVE OTHERS. IT WOULD BE UNSTABLE. WILD LOVE, BUT LIKE, EVERYWHERE!!!! ( sorry for the caps, i got excited.)

all in all, i don’t want to be about lukewarm love. and i fervently believe that my God deserves every inch of love i can give. so, let’s put an end to it. let’s evaluate our hearts. evaluate where we are pouring our hearts into. let’s be mindful of the race we are running and where that race may take us, along with the people running the race alongside us. all this talk of “running our race” comes to real importance when our race is focused more on fleeting love from humanity rather than a forever love. and trust me, once we place God on top of everything else, that pain of human heartache seems to disappear because you have something so much greater filling the gap instead.

horray for enthusiastic love and the ability to fall in love with our creator. hooray for people who love you like He does, because they too are loving Him. hooray for not being lukearm lovers. oh, and hooray for the oakmont starbucks.



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