& iiii-eeee-iiii will always love you


for some, this day is dreaded. for some, this day is celebrated. for some, this is the day they may get engaged and they don’t even know yet. HOW CUTE. last year during this time, we thought my sweet niece would be born and be a little vday bday baby which made our hearts beam. feb. 14th is actually one of my best friends birthdays, & it’s so sweet to celebrate her. however, recently i have seen this “day of love” receive so much negativity. girls on twitter ranting how they will be alone, or complaining about how their “significant other” isn’t planning the most SPECTACULAR MAGNIFICENT day they have ever had. okay and i hate to burst anyones bubble, but why just this day?? why the fuss?? why can’t we live everyday with love and truly WALK IN LOVE. why can’t we be thankful for the love we have and celebrate that rather than searching for something else that isn’t here yet. just because you are alone this valentines day doesn’t mean you will be alone FOREVER. let’s not be morbid, please and thank you.

i’m nineteen and some people my age are getting engaged, and even having children. i’m nineteen and i am surrounded by a culture that places an insane amount of importance on the love one obtains from another human being. girls are searching for love anywhere they can find it. (now don’t get me wrong there are some relationships out there that are lookin a lot like how Christ wants them to look and I AM ROOTING YOU ON!!!!! and i’m also waiting for that sorta love. that IS the type of love worth waiting on, girls!!!) okay, side note aside, the point is that love has been stripped of all true beauty in todays culture. Christ like love is being replaced by the idea that a snapchat streak means everything. FALSE. temporary satisfaction found in physicality or empty promises and compliments is the new RAGE. everyone wants a piece of it. this decline in the purest form of love is the reason why today’s idea of love is so broken. why today’s day of love will reap so much negativity in our culture. sorry millennials.


i’ve decided to not make valentines day sad and gloomy this year. i’ve decided to really celebrate all the things i love and all the people, places, and experiences in which i see love and feel love. because if we truly think about it, love in it’s purest form is certainly not the love from another human being. love in it’s purest, rawest and realest form is the sacrificial love of Christ that has been with us forever. i want to make a statement by focusing on all of love in my life rather than focusing on the lack of a ~significant other~, because a thankful heart is much stronger than a bitter heart. & your’e not gonna get anywhere by sitting in bitterness BUT you will get somewhere by loving God, others, and yourself EVEN WHILE BEING SINGLE. what a concept. (let’s be real, a thankful heart is MUCH more attractive than a negative one: so if you’re searching for a loving ~bae~, why not start with yourself?)

first of all, we are loved by the creator of the UNIVERSE. we are loved by the One who set love in motion since the beginning. the One who loves us so deeply, He wants us to share that love with Him. He walks with us, guides us, loves us, strengthens us, and allows us to live a life so fully it cannot be replaced with anything else. most importantly, we are able to live because He SELFLESSLY sent His son to die on the cross for OUR sins. He basically was the OG of sacrificial love, and He still is. He is not concerned with whether you will love Him back, because He is still going to radically love you with all of His being. there is nothing that can separate us from His love, so open your arms wide. run to Him, he is ready for you. spend time with Him instead of sulking over your singleness another year.

let’s think about all the love we can see when we truly look for it.

i see love in the laughter of my friends and family.  i simply see JESUS in laughter because laughter is pure joy.

i see love in the mountains and how perfectly they were created just for us to enjoy and roar the name of God.

i see love in genuine conversation. the type of conversation that is undistracted and focused around something that actually means something.

i see love in the way my friends will go sit in the freezing cold for another friends baseball game just because we want to cheer him on. that is sacrificing our time, because we LOVE him.

i feel love in the cute little coffee shops in my hometown and the baristas who know my order by heart. i hear love in the quaint songs they play in the background, especially if it’s ben howard.

i see love in the way my dad constantly DOES for my mom. he goes out of His way to make her happy without even blinking an eye. He would drop literally anything for his family.

i see love in the way my mom gives so much of her time to my sister and i. she wants to do everything she can to make us happy.

i see love in the way my sister loves her daughter. she loves her in a way in which everything comes after taking care of maxi. sacrifices were made the  moment she was born and she never complains, because she loves her.

all in all, i want to shine a light on the fact that love is everywhere. we must simply change our focus. we can’t sit in the idea that love is solely found in ONE another being. instead, we must live confidently in the fact that love is everywhere, because in everything we find God. He gave us this life to love, live, and serve. let’s celebrate love by loving others. let’s celebrate love by seeing the love that surrounds us in the simplest of ways. let’s love others exactly as they are, and then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. when someone feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered. let’s look at life with love, so that our lives may be empowered.

we KNOW what love is because of Jesus Christ. that is why we are able to see such a radical difference between a Christ like love and not a Christ like love. that is why love has a bitter taste; because we are forgetting who created it and instead filling in the gap with earthly ways of loving. so, let’s go back to the beginning. look at the love that started it all. accept the love you have around you. celebrate it. and love more.

& not to mention, i love you all so much. i feel incredibly blessed to babble on the internet about all about life and Jesus. i am in awe of the ability to proclaim the goodness of Jesus so freely and i love you all for doing that with me.



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