allow failure, please

let’s go way back when, shall we? Biblical times. i could site multiple readings in the Bible as to when people were scoffed at, questioned, beaten, abused. our savior of the world was the One who was persecuted in the darkness of our sins. one story that strongly stands out to me is the one where the woman is found in the arms of another man that is not hers to be surrounded by (John 8:1-11). this is the story of the woman caught in adultery. now, we all know that in the Old testament God’s law strictly says adultery is wrong and it is to hold extreme circumstances that follow the very act. in summary, the woman committed a sin. we are all very aware of the act of sinning, aren’t we?

what i find incredible is that at the end of this passage the Lord says to her this, “And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.” the “neither do I” speaks of how He does not condemn her, no matter if the others do. the others scoffing and screaming to her.  let”s get this straight: the Savior of the WORLD, who understands both sin and sorrow just as we do, but who is also the Son of GOD is NOT going to condemn her. He is simply giving her love to walk in. He is giving her grace. 

i wanted to introduce this blog post with that story because i think it is such a beautiful depiction of how we should give people love and grace rather than stir fear within their hearts.  if we were to put ourselves in the shoes of the adulterer for a quick minute, imagine her fear. imagine the fear that took over her body when she heard people screaming “both shall die!” i believe we call all resonate with that fear. there is such thing as Fear of God, for instance. imagine being caught in your very sins by the Father of our savior. you get it. i get it. onto the point. the point is this: allow others to fail, please. encouragement over judgement, please. give people the freedom to walk in love, not fear. for we wouldn’t be able to stand in freedom for if it wasn’t for the sweetness of Jesus; so who are we to believe that we are called to be the ones who don’t allow failure? i do not point this out to encourage us all to live in chaos and against the goodness of God, but i point this out so we can be bearers of grace, not judgment. shining mercy down on those who need it will do much more good for the world than screaming “YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT” at anyone we can, trust me.

how is this relevant? let me tell you. every day i can simply go on social media and see hate. EXTREME hate. my sister has hundreds of dm’s telling her she should be a better parent. there are pages online that are fully running because people have made pages where they go and talk extremely poorly of others. i KNOW we don’t all agree with the President and his words, but the replies on his outlets of social media are heartbreaking. yesterday, Billy Graham died, a man of God. He lead millions of people to Christ and was such a light in the darkness of the world. i can’t even put his Christ fearing heart into words. of course, like any monumental death in today’s world, his death was trending on twitter. millions of tweets sent out with prayers and kindness at the core; however, i was absolutely saddened to see people go up in arms over his flaws. a man who dedicated his entire life to peoples eternities with the Lord was being blasted on the internet, while he was up hanging with Jesus. INSANE. to be transparent with you all, my heart broke. i couldn’t even look at twitter. i was in shock that people were that set out on pointing towards the failures of a man who was in love with Jesus so strongly. the world of judgement never fails to leave my heart so sad as i see people ripped apart for failing a little. because let me ask you this; if both you and i, our entire lives from the inside out were able to be seen with complete transparency and the world could see all of our triumphs and messes, would you walk in fear, or would you walk in love and grace, embracing your Saviors mercy. to be honest, with the judgement of others so strong, i would probably want to hide and nap for my entire life.

then i thought about it a little more, and read James 2:12-13: “So whatever you say or whatever you do, remember that you will be judged by the law that sets you free. There will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others. But if you have been merciful, God will be merciful when he judges you. Mercy triumphs over judgement.) that last line, y’all. THAT LAST LINE. mercy triumphs over judgement. i could plant that all over my entire room, write it all up and down my arms and hands, maybe even get it written on the back of my car forever?? is that extra??? well, who cares, because at this point we all need to hear it. 

we all need to preach to ourselves the gospel everyday. the insanely beautiful story of the crucifixion and the life of Jesus is what I live for. for i only have life because of Him. at the core of the gospel is this: sacrifice and grace. sacrifice and grace. over and over again. so, if we all need the gospel, we all need to give it. i know it’s not that simple. it is so easy to place judgement on others and point out their failures, because it makes our lives look better, right? well who cares what our lives look like to the world, our God knows what our hearts look like. and i believe He smiles real big when he looks down and sees His people who he ALL loves so much, giving  each other grace and living in the harmony he built for us. making earth as it is in Heaven.

let’s do it. let’s not only walk in our own freedom, but allow others to walk in it too. hand in hand. hold one another up with grace, because that is what our very own Father did for us. let them fail, but hold them up. don’t watch them fall and snicker; instead, watch them fall and lend the hand of grace in the midst of it. lend the hand of mercy, not the thorn of judgement. let’s change our hearts. let’s change our words. let’s think before we send out that word of judgement. let’s TRULY ask ourselves “if i fall short of the glory of God every day, is it fair for me to sit and judge her when I don’t even know her story or season right now?” 100/10 the answer will be NO. it isn’t mercy. it is judgement. it isn’t stirring love, it is accumulating fear.

be bearers of the all the fruit. all the love. all the mercy. all the compassion. for we would me mere mortals with nothing to live for if we didn’t have grace. for we would live in a constant fear if it wasn’t for the grace of Christ; but we have His love instead. celebrate your humanity and the One who saved it by spreading more of Him.



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