to my momma

if you know her, you love her. and if you know my mom, you know that is a very true sentiment. if i were to be candidly honest, i am pretty positive more than half of my friends would much rather come over to hang out with her than with me, and i do not even blame them in the least. she is the mom who goes above and beyond in everything she does. she makes everyone feel as if they are the only person in the room. she makes everyone she comes in contact with feel valued, important, and loved. there are not enough words to write or say to express my love and admiration for my mom, but i want everyone to know the immense blessing she is to not only my family and I, but her friends and even strangers she comes in contact with.

6372FF0C-E8F1-4FB9-9A6D-03B19AB82DD9.JPGmomma, or as many know you as the infamous tammy,

thank you for always teaching me the importance of building real and genuine relationships.

for my entire life, my mom has had the same best friend, and i have seen them love one another so well. i have seen her place importance on time with friends rather it be meeting for coffee once a month or just a phone call. my mom has taught me to put my entire heart into my relationships and i am immensely grateful for that.

thank you for showing me what it looks like to be an amazing wife and mother. (even though that is in my FARRRRR future haha.)

my mom is both a praying wife and praying mother. i remember days where i would come home from school and she would tell me that she dedicated her morning to praying for myself and my friends. she does not say this lightly, either. she would walk around our house in circles, even holding pictures of my friends, TRULY praying for them. as well as this, she has shown me what a confident wife looks like, as she fervently prays for my dad and only serves our family with grace and gentleness.

thank you for teaching me the importance of communication.

this is an ironic comment, because i am one who does not do well when face to face with any sort of confrontation or negative communication. i have found immense strength in myself because my mom has taught me the importance of communication, no matter if it’s good or bad. she promises that in all relationships, communication comes second to the foundation of Christ. everyone in my life has heard those words from tammy a time or two. relationship issues? communication would help heal that. heart issues? communication would help heal that. headache? communication would help heal that. she is a BIG communication gal, to say the least. when i have really tried the whole communication thing out, and truly communicated my feelings, i have learned she is not wrong. the ability to communicate my feelings to the people within my life has allowed me to patch up pains i never thought possible. this importance has instilled confidence in myself and i have her to thank for that.

thank you for being the most genuine picture of selfless love.

i’m sure if you were to look up the word selfless, you would find “Tammy McFarlan” highlighted in big, bold letters. she is someone who will drop literally everything for someone she loves. i watch her selflessly care for my sister, me, sweet maxi, and my dad day in and day out. she will go above and beyond to make us feel loved and cared for, as if our happiness is the only thing that matters in her world. i feel so incredibly blessed to have a mom who wakes up to live her life as Christ did, selflessly loving those around her while mirroring the selfless love Christ has for humanity.

thank you for teaching me what it looks like to have a giving heart.

you would think my mom went to college and majored, minored and received her masters in the art of giving. and if you know her, you know what i am talking about. in high school she would bake homemade cookies for my friend on most literally every occasion in which he had a baseball game. and these wouldn’t be just any cookies, they were in the shape of LITERAL baseballs. why? just because she wanted to. in today’s society, it is so hard to find people who truly love to give, because giving is something in which we sacrifice our time, money, and love for. however, my mom is someone who finds such a simple joy in giving to others. and THAT IS A GIFT.

thank you for showing me what strength is.

my mom has not just taught me what a fighter was, but she has gracefully shown me what it looks like to fight the good fight. as she has struggled with her health, i have seen her do everything in her power to be strong for her family. when every medical reasoning and those around her have told her she will need this or that, and maybe that won’t even work, she fought back. she has been someone who finds strength not in herself, but in God. she wakes up everyday with the purpose to allow God to use her in any way He needs to. no matter if her struggles weigh heavy, she knows that our messes bring glory to our savior; therefore, every ounce of strength she must hold tight to is worth it.

thank you for always encouraging authenticity.

my mom has such an encouraging spirit, as she radiates comfort for so many. it’s as if everyone knows that no matter how they come to her, she will take them as they are. as i grew up, i began to see the genuine encouragement she gave me because it did not matter if i was crying to her on my most God fearing day, or on the day where i felt most broken and shattered. she would always remind me to feel all of my feelings, as all of them are valuable, all of them are meaningful. no matter what my true self looked like, i knew she would love me. she raised me to be genuine and authentic with everything that i do, as she showed me the same in her character.

thank you for giving me grace and teaching me the importance of GIVING grace to others.

ah, this one. if there is one thing my mom and i have in common, it is that we are both insanely soft hearted and give A WHOLE LOTTA GRACE. as i grew up, relationships came with difficulties and life got a little harder. however, there was one thing my mom always taught me. she taught me there is no such reason for you to not forgive someone, and choosing to give someone the gift of grace is one of the most importance choices we can make in our lives. this is because as we give someone grace who has hurt us, or forgive someone who has wronged us, we are inevitably showing them a preview of the same grace and love Christ has given them. my mom is someone who sees life as an ongoing adventure where we get to choose which path we take, and she will always take the path that enables her to make greatest waves for the Kingdom.

all in all, thank you for being my best friend, momma. you are a one of a kind mom and i can’t thank Jesus enough for giving me the blessing that is you! thank you for dancing through life with me, immersing yourself in the waves of grace and love every step of the way. i wouldn’t be the person i am without your guidance. thank you for dressing yourself in the virtues of the Lord above everything, as Katey and I are so blessed to see you lead our family with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience just as Colossians 3:12 tells us. you bring a light so bright to the world, the darkness does not have a mere chance of even competing.

i love you to the moon and back, YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE!

xoxo, kirsty


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