kirsten’s first ~fashion~ blog post?! NSALE made me do it.

ah yes, ’tis the season for the NSALE, am i right or am i right?!? it’s that one big sale during the year where most everyone and their mother suddenly become fluent in every brand sold at Nordstrom and it is truly something beautiful, let me tell ya. to be honest, i didn’t know the difference between Nordstrom and Niemans until about a year ago when my sister explained to me that Niemans was the place with the pop-overs served in the tea room and Nordstrom was the place in Dallas. sorry if you all cringed at the moment of truth, i send my deepest apologies. in high school, i somewhat prided myself in the fact that i wasn’t into the “big brand names” or in the fact that i didn’t wear as much makeup as my mom or sister. i was the “different” girl in the family and would easily allow that to keep me from showing love to my sister despite how different we were. once i went to college, i quickly learned that my sister really was my best friend. no matter how many friends i had in high school or how many new friends i met down the hall in my dorm first semester, no one was the type of friend she was to me. as this past year has been anything but easy, i have truly learned how blessed i am to have katey as my sister. my admiration for her has deepened as she truly has become the one person i will always look up to. as i have watched her gracefully become a mother while still balancing her brand that she has created, i can’t help but sit in awe and pray to have the strength she has one day. katey and i have always been close, but as i moved on towards the stage of life that is college, our seasons of life grew to be more and more different by the day. yet, instead of allowing that to pull us apart and create a gap that was simply miscommunication, we both decided to humbly love and serve one another as sisters. and it has been the best decision i have ever made in light of any relationship in my life.

over the past year, i have gotten to see my sister work day in and day out at what she does. last year during the NSALE, maxi was just shy of four months old and paul and Katey were in the middle of moving. what sounds like a disaster turned out to be one of the greatest weeks of my life. my friend and i would show up at her house every morning that week, while one of us watched maxi and the other packed boxes or helped gather the necessities for the beloved mirror pictures that are the pure BACKBONE of the NSALE itself. just stating the facts. while that week wasn’t how i would normally spend a week of my summer, i was so thankful i got to see Katey do what she loves behind the scenes. my respect for her and what she does grew times a million and has grown even more since then. i love the beauty in that while there may be a ton of bloggers posting their top NSALE picks, each of them have a different platform. as i saw my sister strategically put together outfits she felt would best fit her followers, i realized how selflessly she stood on her platform. it wasn’t about how cute she looked in the black romper she got to pair with a pair of mules. it was about making a reader feel confident and happy when she added those items to her cart, ready to WERK IT when they arrived in the mail.

as my humble brags about my sister could go on forever, i wanted to round it out with the blessing i have been  given to do this crazy thing with her!!! yesterday, i got to spend the day shopping with her at Nordstrom and it was the greatest time. four years ago you could not have caught us at the same store unless our mom forced us to. but yesterday, we were exchanging clothes like it was our job and dressing each other up like you used to dress up your barbies when you were young. i am so thankful to have experienced something she works so hard to execute every year with her, and i pray for many more moments just like that!!

so, without further or due, i have rounded up a few of my favorite pieces i got to pick out (and duh, Katey helped me too! #praisehands ) i hope you all decide to treat yoself a bit and more importantly, soak up all the content thrown your way!

because it’s me… you know i sprinted to the first piece of workout attire i saw #sorrynotsorry


jacket: here shorts: here shoes: here tank: here 

anddddd another workout attire outfit for you, because what else would you expect!?


 top: here  leggings: here shoes: here sports bra: here

i completely fell in love with this sweatshirt and i haven’t taken it off since i left the store, so there is that. you should do the same.


jeans: here shoes: here sweatshirt: here bag: here AND A CHEAPER VERSION HEHE here

FALL LOOKS i found & completely fell in love with: Facetune_11-07-2018-16-50-21.JPG

jeans: here top: here shoes: here


shorts: here sweater: here shoes: here

& of course, a little purple for all the TCU games to attend! #gofrogs


shorts: here sweater: here shoes: here

and last but not least, I LOVE good hair products and have been using Living Proof for a couple of years now. with all the workouts and sweating i do, conditioning my hair is so important to keep it healthy and soft. these are the best buys i have gotten to help smooth my wild mane!!


perfect dry hair: here smooth blowout concentrate: here


there you have it! i hope you all have a blast browsing the incredible sale and get to sneak a peak at some of your favorite bloggers content they have worked so hard to present!!




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