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& there He goes, pressing the shuffle button one more time

Tonight I went for a drive around my neighborhood. It was a drive I set out on in hopes to clear my mind. I turned on my favorite playlist and slowly pressed shuffle, imagining the next moments on the road driving in tune with the words of the songs. Then, without notice, I realized the songs were not what my heart was beginning to take notice to. My heart began to take notice to the fact that once I was not “vibing” with a song, I press shuffle. We press shuffle when we are done with the lyrics within a melody. We press shuffle when we want a change. We press shuffle in hopes of something that will play in tune with our lives, or our mood even.

& then it hit me. Jesus presses the shuffle button for us sometimes. By this, I mean that the Lord is watching our every step, the way we tune our lives to things around us. However, it is without fail that the Lord watches us trip on our own two feet once or twice, as we work to dance in tune with our own plans. As He sees us working to shuffle our lives to fit the “vibe” we are thriving for, striving for; He kindly and with the utmost grace presses the shuffle button for us, but on beat with His playlist, His purpose. When I first noticed an instance in my life in which the Lord took my heart that held MY plans and flipped them upside down to fit His purpose, I was confused. I wanted the control of my own playlist back because i wholeheartedly believed it was “mine” to begin with. Now, after almost a year of shuffle changes, there is no One else I would want in control of the tune of my life. I thank Him for pressing shuffle for me, landing on the perfect melody for a season I never would of had if I kept on dancing to my beat.

Provers 19:21: “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

As many of you know, my journey to TCU was one not many saw coming, not even me in all honesty. I remember roaming back and forth for months on end, trying to get my heart in tune with my life by pressing shuffle more than a couple of times. I wanted the way my heart was feeling anxious to go away, so I would simply place a joyful song over my confusion. It was as if I was tricking myself, thinking everything would be fine if I just kept my real and raw emotions hidden. However, one day the Lord showed up with the remote control. He hit the shuffle button and I began to dance to the most gentle and graceful purpose behind my steps. I believe this was not because of my ability to finally catch my fallings, but even better, the Lord guided me to a place where He knew I was meant to be.

So friends, next time you get to feeling unsteady while moving to your own beat, or even trying to catch up to the beat of the music, remember that the Lord intertwines during your chosen song at the most perfect times. Let Him take the reigns. A plan so much more beautiful will unravel right before your eyes.  Just wait for Him to press shuffle.

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