kirsten’s iconic yearly fashion post! HAPPY NSALE, FRIENDS!

Hi friends! It is HERE! Yeehaw! (I’m hoping if you follow me and read that, it makes sense and you aren’t questioning if i’m that weird Texan or not..) Anyway, happy NSALE! Below I have gathered all of my favorite finds and even styled a few outfits that I am so excited to show ya’ll.


This sale and all the craziness that is indeed the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is somehow oddly my favorite time of the year! The reason behind that truth is because I basically get to go through a crazy version of finals week, but with my sister Katey, haha. I look back at the entire week and realize we have spent so much time together and bonded over certain outfits we like. And of course, she helps style me per usual. That is one of my favorite things about having an older sister like Katey because she is the most loving and giving person and always wants me to feel beautiful, confident, and loved. As we tried on all of our outfits and took time photographing all of the looks, we jammed to Maggie Rogers with Angie and ran back and forth laughing at each other’s outtakes. It reminded me a lot like a dance recital where you would run back and forth in between dances to change, but the best part was running with your best friends full of excitement. So, here’s to hopefully many more hectic NSALE years with my sister and all the funny yet crazy memories we make together.

My favorite part about this years content for the sale is most definitely the creativity behind Katey& I’s looks! We have different styles, which makes it so fun to style similar pieces in different ways! So, no matter if you want to look like a casual college girl with a bit of boho like me or if you want look like the chicest mom on the block like Katey, we have a look for you! Cheers to that!



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This outfit is one of my favorites, LIKE EVER. If it wasn’t 115 degrees in August, this would def be what I would wear to my first day of classes, or just every. single. day. I absolutely love this pink wool jacket from TOPSHOP. It is a lightweight wool, so it’s perfect for when the cooler temps make their way down to Texas. Secondly, the crewneck top is perfect for layering and fits so well. I need about 12, STAT. ALSO, LET’S TALK ABOUT THESE JEANS. BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED. They are the cutest crop and straight leg jean I have found yet. Literally, I have been searching for a straight leg jean that doesn’t swallow my leg, and these are IT. Perfection dressed in black denim. Bless the Lord oh my soul. and let me not forget about the cheetah print in this photo, because Tammy would be upset (my mom, Tammy aka Mama McFarlan). Well, these platform sneakers are also perfect. I love a good platform added to a cute sneaker because it can dress up a casual look. These are the perfect height for that and fit just right!



I’m not someone who gravitates towards printed items, but cheetah print is one of my favorites. I blame it on my mom and sister and their obsession, ha! I have cheetah print midi skirts galore, but I loved this dress because of the texture, slit, and color. It is a rustic brown with messy cheetah print on it, which i LOVE. Secondly, the fabric is AMAZING. It isn’t silky, so you actually feel like you are wearing a dress and not just a slip. The slit is the perfect length, allowing for some sassiness but still very appropriate. You could dress it down with some golden goose sneakers, or dress it up with pumps.   WE STAN A CHEETAH PRINT DRESS MOMENT!



This striped sweater from TOPSHOP is the best oversized sweater I have gotten my hands on in awhile. It can be dressed up or down, which is a major plus to me! (Probably so I can dress it with the casual route, as seen above) It is so comfortable and the texture is not itchy whatsoever! So basically, you will be getting the cutest oversized sweater that can be a fall staple in your wardrobe for under 50$ but it feels like 200$?!?!? WE LOVE A DEAL! PRAISE HANDS! I paired mine with my black jeans that I will never stop talking about and a pair of sneaks and never wanted to take the outfit off. The only thing that made me was the fact that is was 103 degrees outside.



First of all, I have to talk about this jean find. I always use the Nordstrom sale to get my jeans for the fall, but this year was a MAJOR HIT. I found better jean finds than I have for years. Praise the good Lord above for that, amen. These jeans are great for your standard denim and they have a little flare at the bottom with the frayed details. I love. I styled mine with the comfiest henley in a soft almond color. It is a super casual top but I dressed it up by throwing a suede motto jacket over it. This entire look was SOO comfy but I still felt fashionable, ya know?? I am ALL in for the comfortable yet fashionable staples this fall. HERE. FOR. IT. I paired it with these slip ons which are SO comfortable. The added detail with the two toned texture adds a pop to any outfit.


I would love for everyone to get themselves a good denim jacket, a pair of my black jeans that are equivalent to Jesus in denim form, and this hat so we can all be boho cowgirls together and overuse the term “yeehaw.” Okay, thanks. BUT REALLY, this is my favorite outfit I styled with my NSALE finds! This hat is A DREAM, and the added snakeskin detail makes the entire look perfect. I feel like I need to get tickets to LANY and make my way to Dallas, pronto. These snakeskin mules are a different look for me, as I usually throw on sneaks and call it a day; however, I love the way they draw the entire outfit together and add another pop of detail to make for a fun outfit.



Anyone who knows me will probably see me in this outfit at least 4x a week and it will be the one my mom tells me to please change out of because I have worn it one too many times, ha. I am fully prepared. I know everyone talks the talk about the barefoot dreams blankets, and let me just say, THE TALK IS TRUE. The barefoot dreams blankets deserve their claim of softness because it is the gospel truth, that is all. I sometimes go over to my sisters house to just cuddle up with Maxi in her blanket. Well, I had a barefoot dreams item on my wishlist for the NSALE this year, and my dreams came true with this cardigan. It is as if Jesus himself is wrapping his arms around me. THAT is how soft this cardigan is, ya’ll. So RUN, don’t walk to get yours. I styled mine with the Zella high waisted legging and a grey tank and I couldn’t lose an opportunity to add a pop of leopard with my shoes, per usual.



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All the credit to Katey for spotting this white jacket of my DREAMS. Warm puffer jackets at a good price can always be a hit or a miss once winter actually hits, so snag this one ASAP because i would consider this a staple in my soon to be winter closet. I paired mine with the Zella high waisted leggings, and Katey paired hers with the moto legging! I have the Zella printed sports bra under mine that is the perfect teal. This look is perfect for class for me and mom life for Katey during the days when it’s truly too cold to wear normal clothes, ya know?!


This athleisure look screams “TAKE ME TO THE MOUNTAINS” and I’m not mad about it. Patagonia always has the best fleece jackets, and I always like to snag mine during the sale. I love this one because white goes with everything and it keeps you warm without feeling like you have a heavy jacket on. I can go from a workout to the library in minutes by throwing this jacket on over my workout gear. These aloyoga leggings are the softest and prettiest lavender color with the added moto detail that I love. I can’t wait to rock these leggings during my winter runs and keep warm with my patagonia fleece!



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Above you will see all of the shoe finds Katey & I found and we equally love! I do not even use the term “love” lightly, because we are literally in love with all of them. Cheetah? of course. Snakeskin? I have a feeling it is going to become my new cheetah print. A staple heeled bootie? duh. Studded booties? ALWAYS. Knee highs that don’t slouch? HECK YA. Bright ugg slippers? I AM IN LOVE. Adidas with gold accents? GIRL, YOU KNOW WE GOT ‘EM.



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Of course, one time simply isn’t enough when shopping this sale. So, I wanted to share with you all what I have my eye on. Of course, I need more cheetah print. At least my mom won’t complain at this obsession. I am also ALL about the tie dye moment we are having, so I obviously need leggings and loungewear in pink tie dye. obviously. Another TOPSHOP denim, because they are my absolute FAVORITE! That NorthFace wind breaker is calling my neutral obsessed name, so that is a MAJOR YES! I could never forget about a high necked sports bra deal, either. Here for that as well.



Thank you for reading and I hope you had so much fun looking at all that Katey & I put together! I wanted to link Katey’s post because I am her biggest hype girl and she is the most deserving person I know. This isn’t younger sister having a bragging moment, but I truly mean it when I say she is the hardest working mama I know and she inspires me daily. I am so thankful she lets me have a look into her world of content and fashion everyday. & because I know she is reading this, I LOVE YOU SISTERBEAR!

Katey’s NSALE post: HERE


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