hi y’all!!

i’m Kirsten and this whole blog thing is kinda out of my comfort zone, but I am so excited to see beautiful things happen when I jump out of my comfort zone!! i am passionate about Jesus and working in the ministry through little ones. i’m pretty bad at introductions, so i’d thought i’d share a few of my favorite things!!! i also added some of my other social media links so y’all can get to know me better: )))

  • running!!! give me a running trail and a good playlist and ill be off for hours.
  • younglife !!!! my favorite place is frontier ranch & i am crazy passionate about the ministry that younglife offers and the way they express the gospel so beautifully !!
  • family & friends!!! (pups included, duh) i love good fellowship and i am blessed to have a family full of my best friends as well as some of the raddest people in my life!!
  • music & dancing !!! in my free time you will find me making a spotify playlist or dancing like no one is watching(hehe) !! one of the greatest blessings is losing myself in a song or through a dance– thx Jesus for that ability !!

more about me:::::